Broomfield Veterinary Hospital is building something BIG...

Dear Friends and Clients of Broomfield Veterinary Hospital,

We are excited to announce a new chapter in the legacy of Broomfield Veterinary Hospital. As I am sure many of you have noticed, our building has been showing her age, and we have outgrown the space needed to serve all of you! While we are saddened at the thought of leaving behind such a historic facility, we are excited to start building a new, larger hospital to accommodate this growth.

The new hospital will be under construction shortly and we expect its completion sometime in January 2017. Unfortunately, this change requires us to relocate a short distance away. The new location will be on Lowell Blvd, just south of Midway. The new address will be: 12621 Lowell Blvd, Broomfield, CO 80020.

We are asking that you to stay in touch. Follow us on Facebook ( to keep up with the current progress of the new building. Pictures of the new construction will be posted on the site. As long as your contact information is up to date, we promise to keep you in the loop.  Don’t worry, we won’t stuff your inbox!

We sincerely appreciate the bonds we’ve formed with pets and owners alike. There are few jobs more gratifying than working in a veterinary hospital. Thank you for your continued confidence. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us with ways we could better serve you.

Sincerely yours,

Lisa Fredericks, DVM              

Bill Guerrera, DVM             

Lauren Miller, DVM